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Using the sounds of nature surrounding the venue and the nature-inspired sounds made by various devices, the exhibition connects the outside and the inside of the soundscape.

Daikokuya, where many Mono-ha works are collected, has a large window overlooking the nature in front of it. A river passes by, there is a bird forest in the back, and the sounds of insects can be heard at night.

Each of the sounds of nature that can be heard around the venue were sampled and reconstructed into a small soundscape that can be played back through 7-channel vibrating speakers attached to the large window.

Also abstracted the following sampled sounds as much as possible and created five devices that can sound them.

– Cicada
– Bell cricket
– Water lyre
– River sound (high frequency band)
– Sound of the river (low frequency band)

The sound from the vibrating speakers on the large windows and the sound generated by the group of devices gently overlap and separate, and the actual view through the large windows obscures where the sound is coming from.

The aim was to create an installation in which the soundscape connects the outside and the inside, based on the experience of entering an inn – always from the outside, and slowly looking at the scenery.

24, July, 2022
7ch Vibration speakers, 5 Original devices mimicking nature sounds: Cicada, Bell cricket, River(high frequency), River(low frequency), Water lyre


  • Device / Install: Mitsuhito Ando