Fixation 5

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The moments captured in this work plays freely and reproduces spontaneously...

The progress of time can be brutal. Sound requires time but it does not need to be restricted by time and its progression. The moments captured in this work plays freely and reproduces spontaneously.

I have been creating works using a multi-channel sound system. This was the system I used to seek the possibility of freeing the sound field. However, the more I explored the system, the more it became apparent of the limitations of the system (hard and soft), budget and exhibition space (I would imagine that these issues can be solved over time). The system no longer existed to enrich my artistic expression. My creative process became the investigation of what I could do with the system. (This is the typical obstacle artists face when it comes to technology)

Before re-examining the sound system, I went back to the idea of “freedom of sound field”  and what it meant to me. Throughout my artistic endeavor, what I’ve accomplished to present with the concept of “freedom of sound field” is “freedom of space where sound could physically travel”, but this freedom came with the time and physical constraints of the audience.
In contrast, I’ve felt there is more freedom of appreciation and interpretation within non-time-based media artworks such as paintings. As I started to think that the sound installations are not as free as they seemed to be, I began exploring the possibility of the works between non-time-based traditional artistic expression and the creation with time-based media, by challenging to create a work which can allow audience to interpret it with the speed/time they wish and also ignore the progress of time.
Audio cables, 60 channels of speakers, electronic substrate, glass fiber mesh, wires


  • Engineer : Mitsuhito Ando
  • Drafting : Ken Hirose (TWOTONE)
  • Production/Installation : SUPER FACTORY Inc.
  • Photography : So Mitsuya
  • Special Thanks : Reiri Kojima, Gallery 38