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Intended to be installed in a window (after the exhibition, it will be permanently installed in a window in the city of Georgia), this work is a collection of bells of different sizes woven with a single thin thread. The different weights of the bells change their sound depending on the strength of the wind that blows, and as the months pass, the thread instantly unravels under the bells’ own weight, and the sound of the bells scatters over the city of Georgia.

*The title of the work is derived from Anemochore, which refers to a plant/seed that blows its seeds with the wind.


Eyes of the wind exhibition Vol.1

Exhibition Details:

The aim of the “Eyes of the Wind” exhibition is to propose an alternative archive and circulation of exhibition.
By nature, an exhibition is a fluid medium that flows like water.

While books, videos, and recently, 3D documentation have been used, this exhibition proposes a different possibility: works will be taken out of the gallery space for one day only and placed in the windows of their owners’ homes.

The window is directly connected to the view of the city, and the work, which can be viewed from outside, is truly public art, straddling the boundary between public and private, and taking root in the city.

It is a small work of art, but it will forever be open to the city and become the eyes of the city.
The aim of this exhibition is to create a kind of art festival that travels around the city like some biennale or triennale. It is an attempt to contemplate such an effect through this minimal number of works and their transportation.

In the first edition, works by Japanese artists will be exhibited in Georgia, followed by Georgian artists’ works in Japan. The two photographs will be documented in a book, which will also be made available in data format, in the hope that it will become a new guidebook for city walking.

16 Pavle Ingorokva St, T'bilisi, Georgia
September 30, 2022


  • Curator : Yoshidayamar
  • Artists(JPN) : yang02,Nanae Mitobe, Kazumichi Komatsu,Takuto Ohta,Miyu Hosoi,Naoki Takehisa,Osamu Shikichi,Midori Kawano,Natsumi Aoyagi,Asami Shoji,Toshinori Tanuma, Kyohei Fujio,Kota Arai,Honoko Zemba,Kota Shiga,Mamiko Kakitsubo,Jukan Tateisi,Akina Tokiyoshi,Erika Kobayashi,Kengo Hoshi
  • 企画協力/現地コーディネート:庄司朝美(アーティスト)
  • キュレトリアル・リサーチャー:原ちけい
  • デザイン:奥田奈保子(NiNGHUA)
  • プレレビュー:花井 優太(tattva)