Presentation at the AES WIENNA 2020

  • Presentation at the AES WIENNA 2020

I’ll give a presentation about 22.2ch voice piece “Lenna” at the Audio Engineering Society(AES) Vienna virtual conference 2020.

“Artistic Immersive Sound Contents Creation using the 22.2 Multichannel Sound”
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST
Toru Kamekawa, Kimio Hamasaki, Hideo Irimajiri, Miyu Hosoi, Misaki Hasuo


Immersive sound becomes the new trend of the audio industry, and many musical productions have been already carried out in immersive audio. The 22.2 multichannel sound system was developed in 2003 and has become the reference 3D multichannel sound system for the researches, subjective evaluations and various international standards such as ITU-R. This workshop introduces recent production examples of the artistic immersive sound contents creations using the 22.2 multichannel sound and explains its advantages and features that previous music productions could not achieve.
The brief history and technical explanation of the 22.2 multichannel sound will be introduced at first, and followed by several examples of artistic immersive sound contents creations which were created in the Tokyo University of Arts, a Japanese commercial broadcaster WOWOW and other interesting projects such as “Lenna project”. The multichannel loudspeakers system of the 22.2 multichannel sound was used for the immersive sound content creations at Tokyo University of Arts and WOWOW, however, the Lenna project could not use the multichannel loudspeakers system and created the 22.2 multichannel sound content only by binaural hearing using cutting-edge binaural rendering technology.
Workshops panelists will discuss the benefits of immersive sound for the music creations and the several issues they encountered during their creations and productions concerning the immersive sound. They will also discuss the importance and details of education on immersive sound creations and productions.
This workshop should be very informative for the audio engineers, the music creators, and educators who already experienced immersive audio productions as well as for those who had no experience of immersive sound productions.
This workshop also tries to indicate the ideas on how to expand immersive sound productions as well as how to educate the consumers and audiences to make them understand the importance of immersive audio for future media.