Lenna(22.2ch) free distribution

Regarding the Release of Track 6 “Lenna” from Miyu Hosoi’s album”Orb” under the Creative Commons License

You can listen the binaural ver of Lenna from “Orb” by Miyu Hosoi on Online shop / iTunes / Spotify / OTOTOY(96k) / e-onkyo(96k) and more.
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The data of the 22.2ch 48kHz 24bit version of Track 6 “Lenna” (composed by Chikara Uemizutaru) from the album will be released under the Creative Commons License. It is the intention of the artists and producers to be useful to others in their musical research and development.
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Production Team Credits

*When using and crediting the song, please specify the production team members below.

  • Lenna(2019)
  • Concept/Voice/Recording: Miyu Hosoi
  • Composer: Chikara Uemizutaru
  • Mix: Toshihiko Kasai, Misaki Hasuo
  • 3D Audio Design: Misaki Hasuo
  • 3D Sound System: Jiro Kubo (ACOUSTIC FIELD)
  • Recording assistant: Akihiro Iizuka
  • Mastering: Moe Kazama
  • (P) Salvaged Tapes

I hope “Lenna” gives people the opportunity to think about the environment of creating and listening to sound. This idea—providing the opportunity to consider the environment of listening to sound—was my motivation to create “Lenna.” If I were to create this song 50 years into the future, I would not choose 22.2ch—I might use a different format.
Even though there are many wonderful technologicalinventions in the field of music, I have begun to wonder why the media have not improved as the technology has.That question was the reason I created this piece. I am not criticizing music nowadays. I simply feel that recordingenvironments need to be free for all artists. I hope that both technology and expression improve, and I hope that we continue to encourage each other to make better creations.
I believe that choosing the right technology for what you want to express is important. Your careful choice of technology reflects your pride as an artist and your respect for the developers.
“Lenna” will be expanded into different formats in the future, but there are not yet any definite plans regarding the details. There are many opinions, and it will depend on the listeners. You also have the option of creating your own “Lenna,” and I will be pleased if you do so.
I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to the production team, who supported this idea.—-Miyu Hosoi (13th July 2020 Revised artist’s previous comment. )