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“What remains,” an unplugged work consisting of three specimen boxes, presented in the group exhibition “Perception”.

This was created with the aim of preserving how the artist has dealt with sound as an artist, not the sound itself, but her attitude and way of dealing with sound.

Photography: Osamu Sakamoto(except #1)

Gallery 38 is pleased to present “知覚 – Perception”, a group exhibition by Cecilia Andrews, Miyu Hosoi and Oliver Marsden. These three artists have “Perception” or “Sensation” as a common element in their works. “Perception” is considered to be a psychological process of sensing and giving meaning to information and stimuli from the outside world. For animals, including us human beings, perception is an important element to understand and act upon the information that we receive from the outside through the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) and other senses (such as kinaesthesia, balance, visceral sensation). In modern society, human beings are in an environment where they are exposed to many stimuli, and they constantly perceive them. It is considered that this is closely linked to human psychology.

Cecilia Andrews’s abstract portraits have explored the emotional, mental and physical states – in other words, a place where an individual and a universal thing meet, through various and contrasting mediums. A donation of an old edition of the Encyclopédie Larousse in Braille (the leading French encyclopaedia) in 2018, led her to an artistic research on the issue of perception. By incorporating sensory aspects and evocations into her work, she aims to provoke new sensitivity and experience in viewers towards art through the medium. This symbolises the inability of ourselves to encounter others and the importance of coming closer to understand each other.

Miyu Hosoi is a sound artist who creates works from her own voice to environmental sounds. Although she is a sound artist, she does not only create works that emit sound from speakers or instruments but also works without sound or equipment, using “sound” as a medium to make the viewer aware of the space. The exhibition will display “Fixation 5” for the first time in Tokyo, which was well received at Art Collaboration Kyoto in 2022, where it was presented as her first “object” work. The work encourages the viewer to stop, get closer and listen. Employing sound, which she considers a “time-based medium”, she skillfully manipulates it to evoke an awareness of “non-time” through the looping of the sound. Also in this exhibition a new work that focuses on the fundamental questions that arise from her creative process and her own existence that confronts sound. Also in this exhibition, a work focusing on the fundamental questions that arise from her creative process and her own existence that confronts sound will be exhibited as a new work.

Oliver Marsden has created work that focuses on natural and physical forces that are invisible such as sound, movement, energy and gravity. The vivid, luminous forms created using a variety of materials and unique techniques fascinate the viewer, playing with the viewer’s perception of colour, form, light and space, resonating with harmonious energy, but not allowing the viewer to grasp the full extent of the work. The driving force behind his creation is often a momentary encounter or what the artist describes as a ‘sense of synchronicity’, where observations and thoughts coincide to create a strong sense of harmony and wholeness.

The most interesting aspect of the connection between perception and art is that subjectivity is inherent in both the viewer and the artist. The viewer perceives the work uniquely, being influenced by the cultural context, personal experiences and emotions. The artist likewise brings their own perspectives and interpretations to their creations and expresses them in their work. It is this subjectivity on both sides that widens the range of interpretation of each work. When we are confronted with an artwork, not only the works by the artists exhibited in this exhibition, we are invited to experience sensations and emotions, which foster a deeper connection with the artist and work, and sometimes overturn our existing perceptions. This interaction is a constant source of inspiration and exploration for both the artist and the viewer. If you pay a little more attention to your own “Perception” in this exhibition, you may uncover new sensations and discoveries.

Bells, Cassette tapes, Speakers/Microphones, Insect pins, Specimen boxes
Aug. 31st - Oct. 8th