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A sound installation without electricity and speakers

The venue, a circular former turret site, consists of a total of nine spaces: eight ammunition magazines reminiscent of the Colosseum,  and a tunnel-like space protruding from the sea side.
For the exhibition, sound-absorbing panels were installed on the interior walls of the ammunition storage and tunnel. 
That was to minimize the sound coming around and to make viewers aware of the screen as if they were in a theatre, by trimming the landscape. 
In the room, they had a listening point for each. All of the room were open to different directions, and the amplified sound was different.
The room on the entrance side of the exhibition emphasizes the sound of the engines of the moored ferries and the bass of the airplanes, while on the other side, the sound of the trees and the wind can be heard clearly.
Sound-absorbing panels(SHIZUKA Stillness Panel)


  • Stillness Panel Cooperation: SHIZUKA Inc.
  • Install: SUPER FACTORY Inc.
  • Kiyomichi Shibuya, Takayuki Suzuki, Sayaka Okazaki, Keita Ogata, Yuki Orihara, Daisuke Yamada, Nagisa Takeuchi
  • Photo: Ken Hirose