Lenna (14ch)

  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)
  • Lenna (14ch)

“Lenna”, a 3D sound installation produced by a group centered around Miyu Hosoi, a voice artist who was elected to “SHURE 24: the definiive list of people pushing audio culture forward”, is played in a special environment made up of a combination of multiple speakers. By intertwining the voice three dimensionally, the listener perceives various sensations that suggest the voice is not that of just one human, and exhibits – as part of the work – not just the source of the sound but also space-specific reverberations. This time, the work is reconstructed in a 14 ch. system in accordance with the 10 m-high SCARTS Mall C, enabling you to experience the sensation of being wrapped in the singing voice of the building itself.

October 2 (Fri.) - 7(Wed.), 2020


  • Concept&Voices&Recorded : Miyu Hosoi
  • Composer : Chikara Uemizutaru
  • Mixed : Toshihiko Kasai (studio ATLIO), Misaki Hasuo
  • Mastered : Moe Kazama (studio ATLIO)
  • Recording assisted : Akihiro Iizuka (studio ATLIO)
  • 3D Audio Designer : Misaki Hasuo
  • 3D Sound System :Jiro Kubo (ACOUSTIC FIELD)


  • Technical Director: Takuro Iwata (SCARTS)
  • Technical Staff: Hiroki Yamada (SCARTS)
  • Coordinator: Ayumi Yakura (SCARTS)
  • Host : Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center [SCARTS]
  • Design:Hirofumi Abe
  • Photo:Ryoichi Kawajiri
  • Photo Courtesy:Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center [SCARTS]