Lenna (2ch)

  • Lenna (2ch)
  • Lenna (2ch)

Focusing on the orientation and dispersion of sound images, this spatial musical work was made using multiple audio channels, and only the human voice as a sound source. It represents at once an attempt to encourage the creation of multichannel acoustic contents, and the theoretical and practical development of audiovisual environments.

While sound systems used to be based on such standard formats as mono (1 channel), stereo (2 channels) and surround (5.1 channels), this work adopts the 22.2 channel surround format that was first implemented in the audio production and transmission
of NHK’s 8K Satellite Broadcasting programs. It is, however, a format that the average music creator and listener rarely has a chance to use both as a production and a playback environment. In this exhibition, visitors can experience the work via a system that reproduces its sound stage in a different (2-channel) format.

Based on the fact that there still exist only few audio samples that are compatible with the 22.2 channel format, the work was made with the “conception and implementation of acoustic creation and listening environments” in mind. The title was borrowed from the
name of a female model whose photo is widely used as a standard test image in the field of image processing. Through the free distribution and Creative Commons licensed secondary use of 22.2 channel sound data, and concrete measures such as experiments with remixing and converting, “Lenna” aims not only to serve as a sample for multichannel works in the
future, but also to inspire endeavors that help stimulate the discussion on environments and distribution of new audiovisual formats.

May 18, 2019–March 1, 2020


  • Concept / Voice / Recording : Miyu Hosoi
  • Composer : Chikara Uemizutaru
  • Mixing : Toshihiko Kasai(studio ATLIO), Misaki Hasuo
  • Mastering : Moe Kazama(studio ATLIO)
  • Assistant : Akihiro Iizuka(studio ATLIO)
  • 3D Audio Design : Misaki Hasuo
  • 3D Audio System : Jiro Kubo(ACOUSTIC FIELD INC.)


  • Photo: KIOKU Keizo
  • Photo Courtesy: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]