Breathing Piano

  • Breathing Piano
  • Breathing Piano
  • Breathing Piano

When I think of the piano as a sounding body, tied to the act of speaking/singing, it seems very painful to see the strictly organized strings in a state of tension. Speaking inside the lid of the piano, I find that my voice alone resonates the piano more than I expected. This is a sound installation that uses the resonance of the strings to make you aware of the boundary between what is sound made by a person and what is made by the piano.

The interview and the sound recording of the day were broadcasted on “SKWAT HERTZ” of α-STATION (FM Kyoto 89.4) from 23:00-23:30 on November 30, 2021.

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Piano, Speaker(2ch)


  • Programmer: Yuya Ito
  • Sound Engineer: Takeshi Azuma
  • Producer: Maru Kurose
  • Special Thanks: SKWAT, FM Kyoto