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Takaoka copperware is made from a variety of copper alloy materials including brass, bronze and karakane (bronze from China). Copperware artisans are well versed in the properties of each material, and know which to use for different products.
We believes materials are what elevate the handicrafts into exquisite works of art. So rather than being product designers, we see ourselves as the creators of materials that design the appearance of an item.
By making the materials the media for their work and creating opportunities to learn about the materials and techniques used in Takaoka’s kogei, we have created a conceptual musical instrument that is intended to be actually used and become timeless through the virtue of continuous use.
We will keep working on creating an even richer variety of sounds by using even more varied materials. We’re also aiming to have the instrument used in musical performances and other events.

Team Members:
Miyu Hosoi (Sound Director)
Tatsuya Motoki (Designer)
Sho Niita (Casting Engineer)
Takahiro Motoyama (Product Designer)
Takahito Hosono (Architectural Design / Space Designer)
Momoko Nishimoto (Hardware Engineer)
Motokazu Nishimura (IT Engineer)

Shun Ishiwaka

Kazuyasu Fujita from HEIWA GOKIN Co., Ltd.

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